Common Communication from EUIPO and the National Industrial Property Offices of the EU Member States on the graphic representation of designs.

As a result of their joint work on the project "Harmonization of graphic design practices" -CP 6-, EUIPO and the national industrial property offices in the European Union agreed on a common practice regarding visual indications for "Disclaim" and different types views and ways to present designs on a neutral background. In addition, this document provides recommendations to applicants on best presentation their designs. An overview of the standards of the Offices for the quality of applications for designs received electronically and on paper has been made.

The general practice is made public through a Common Communication in order to further increase transparency, legal certainty and predictability for the benefit of both experts and consumers. This document is a recommendation for both industrial property offices and consumer associations, applicants, opponents and representatives on common practice.

The Common Communication aims to provide a clear and comprehensive explanation of the principles on which the common practice is based. The Patent Office will apply the common practice for applications filed after 14.07.2016

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