Registration of users of geographical indications

Any person who carries out his production activity in a certain geographical location and the goods he/she produces meets the established qualities or features, may submit an application for registration as a user of an already registered geographical indication.Subjects of the right to the respective geographical indication may be persons, the number of which is not and cannot be limited. The TGIA provides an opportunity for any person who has the right to apply to submit an application for registration as a user of a registered geographical indication.The requirements for the content of the application for registration of a user are the same as for the application for registration of a geographical indication. The new user must indicate the registration number of the registered geographical indication. 

On the application for registration of a new user, the actions on the formal expertise are performed, as well as on the payment of the due registration fees, for issuing a certificate and publication, if the decision on the application is positive. The issued certificate documents the right of the new user to use the geographical indication. The register number of the geographical indications differs in that after it, the number of the next registered user is written. For example, for the registered geographical indication “Bratsigovo Mineral Water” with registration number 199, there are several registered users with serial numbers: 199-01, 199-02.

Revocation of registration of an user: at the request of each registered user, when it is established by a lawsuit that the user uses the geographical indication to denote other goods or the goods produced by him do not have the established qualities or features. The legal protection of the registration of a geographical indication shall be terminated when the connection between the qualities and features of the product and the geographical environment ceases to exist; the legal entity - the only user without legal succession is terminated; the only registered user of a geographical indication waives his right to use it.

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