New varieties of plants and breeds of animals

Objects and form of protection

The subject of protection are created or discovered and cultivated plant varieties of each botanical variety and species, including branch, line, hybrid or pad, regardless of the method (artificial or natural) of their obtaining. As new breeds of animals can be protected created or discovered and developed breeds, lines and hybrids of farm animals, regardless of the method of obtaining them. Exceptions are local (indigenous) breeds of state-owned animals.

The legal protection of a variety is granted by a certificate issued by the Patent Office and is valid for thirty years for tree and vine varieties and for twenty-five years for all other varieties, as of the date of its issuance. The certificate shall certify the existence of a registered plant variety, the priority, the copyright and the exclusive right of its holder over the variety. The certificate is issued by the Patent Office after an expert examination of the variety / breed - subject of the application.

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