The Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria is a state institution and as such offers a number of opportunities for practical training of students and young professionals with professional interests in the field of industrial property protection. For this purpose, the statutory approaches for internships and temporary employment programmes in central administration structures are applied as follows:

✔ Group or individual student internships in the administration of the Patent Office, conducted within the framework of existing cooperation agreements with Bulgarian higher education institutions. This form of practical training is applied annually for students of the Intellectual Property and Business and Creative Industries and Business programmes of the University of National and World Economy. As a result of the fruitful cooperation between our two organizations, an effective mechanism for acquiring specialized knowledge and professional skills, for familiarizing with the peculiarities of working in the public administration was developed, which is relevant to a wide range of students from different specialties in the programs of Bulgarian higher education institutions. This type of internship is unpaid.

✔ Individual student or postgraduate internships in the general and/or specialised administration of the Patent Office. These are carried out in accordance with the specific needs of the candidate concerned and in view of the capacity of the structural units included in the composition of the institution. This type of traineeship is unpaid.

✔ Student internships in the public administration, including the Patent Office, regulated by the Regulation on Student Internships in the Public Administration. Uniform rules apply for internships lasting from 10 to 45 working days, and the application and selection procedure is conducted entirely online. The Civil Service Student Traineeships portal provides comprehensive information on the availability of suitable positions, conditions, deadlines and application documents. The internship is unpaid.

✔ Career Start Programme, which aims to provide affordable opportunities for unemployed young people up to the age of 29 to gain work experience in their field of specialisation. Candidates should have completed higher education and be registered with the Labour Office. The procedure involves selecting the participants according to strict criteria and appointing the approved persons to expert posts under an employment relationship in the public administration for a period of 12 months. Those employed under this programme have the status of temporary employees under the Labour Code and not trainees. Remuneration is paid in accordance with the terms of the programme.

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