Temporary protection and validity of a European patent Summary

Temporary protection and validity of a European patent Summary

During the period from the publication of a notice in the Official Gazette for the received translation to the publication for issuance of a European patent under the conditions of Art. 72c of the APRUM, temporary protection is granted, the scope of which is determined by the claims, as formulated in the application. Protection is granted retroactively from the publication of a European patent, insofar as the granted European patent does not extend it.

A European patent, in which the Republic of Bulgaria is indicated, grants to the patent owner from the date of the announcement for its issuance in the European Patent Bulletin the rights under APRUM, if within three months from that date a translation of the description and claims is presented in Bulgarian and a fee is paid for publication.

These rules also apply when the description and patent claims of the European patent are amended in opposition / restriction proceedings before the European Patent Office. Failure to submit the required documents after publication for amendment of the description and / or claims of a European patent by the European Patent Office leads to termination of the European patent for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria

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