Studies and references

The information services that the Patent Office provides to its clients are not only part of its main functions, but also an important element of its activity as a state institution for protection of industrial property (IP). They are an integral part of the program of the Office for informing the public and include a wide range of activities, including the maintenance of rich collections of information sources, studies and inquiries about the various IP objects.

Additional services provided by the Patent Office to the public in the field of new varieties and breeds of animals

  • Entry of changes in the legal status of claimed or protected new varieties of plants and breeds of animals, including: change of name and / or address of the applicant, rights holder; transfer of rights; granting a license; request for waiver; maintaining the validity of issued patents for inventions; other changes in legal status;
  • References and extracts from the State Register;
  • Methodological assistance and cooperation with regard to research, references and other services for new varieties / breeds;
  • Consultations on common issues of industrial property protection;
  • Name novelty studies;
  • Duplicates of protective documents;
  • Issuance of priority certificates;
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