International Classification of Industrial Designs

Recommendations on the application of the Locarno classification

The Committee of Experts, constituted in accordance with Article 3 of the Locarno Agreement, recommends at its sessions of September 1971 and March 1993 to the member countries of the Locarno Union to apply in their official documents and publications on registrations and renewals of industrial design registrations The international classification of industrial design as follows:

A / The class must be written in Arabic numerals; the subclass must also be written in Arabic numerals and must contain two digits; for sub-classes, the digits 1 to 9 must be preceded by 0; the class must be separated from the subclass by a dash / for example: subclass 4 of class 1 must be written as 1-04 /;

B / The class and subclass must be preceded by "Class". / for example: Cl. 1- 04 /;

C / If several classes and the subclass are to be entered in one application or registration, then the classes must be separated by a semicolon and the sub-classes by a comma / for example: Cl. 8-05, 08; 11-01/;

D / Classes and subclasses must be preceded by the abbreviation “LOC” and in brackets with Arabic numerals the number of the edition of the classification / for example: LOC (7) Cl. 8-05/.

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