New breeds of animals

The protection of animal breeds is regulated by the Act on Protection of New Plant Varieties and Animal Breeds.

The legal protection of the breed is provided with a certificate.

The validity of a certificate is 30 years from the date of issue.

The application for a breed certificate shall be filed with the Patent Office and shall be entered in the logbook of applications for animal breeds.

An application for a certificate for a breed on which a preliminary examination has been carried out shall be submitted within one month to the Executive Agency for Selection and Reproduction in Livestock breeding, which shall perform an examination on the merits. The applicant is required to pay the relevant examination fee.

The Patent Office shall publish the application in its Official Bulletin after the 4th month, but not later than the 6th month from the date of submission.

During the examination of the breed on the merits, the Executive Agency for Selection and Reproduction in Livestock breeding studies and analyzes the following special requirements:

  • breeding purpose;
  • brief description of the source breeds;
  • description of the methods of creating the breed;
  • productive qualities and morphological features of the breed;
  • adaptive abilities and disease resistance;
  • number and genealogical structure;
  • region of propagation.

Examination of the merits for breeds, lines and hybrids of silk butterfly is carried out by the Executive Agency of Variety Testing Field Inspection and Seed Control.

All actions for protection after the examination of merits are carried out by the Patent Office on the basis of the decisions and reports of the Executive Agency for Selection and Reproduction in Livestock breeding.

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