Jubilee report on the 10th anniversary of the European Union Intellectual Property Network

Патентно Ведомство

Over the last decade, the European Union Intellectual Property Network (the EUIPN), has joined forces and transformed the two-tier EU trademark and design system within the EU. Member States' laws work in a harmonised and complementary way, enabling convergence of practices across the EU and making intellectual property rights more accessible and effective.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office is celebrating the Network's 10th anniversary with the publication of an Anniversary Report which graphically presents its history and achievements. The report summarises the benefits of the EUIPN's work in relevant areas, including increased efficiency, harmonised tools and practices and the enormous benefits realised through committed and collaborative work by national offices.

10 years after the creation of the EUIPN, EU trademarks and designs are benefiting from increased investment, ensuring a level playing field, modern tools and converged practices. This ensures a better, more cost-effective service for users of the systems and greater efficiency for national offices.

The Network, building on its unique character of bringing together the most important IP stakeholders, is in an excellent position to enhance EU innovation and digital policies, to provide services offered at national level for SMEs and to engage users focused on exploiting the potential for innovation. EUIPN plays an important role as a driving force for IP as one of the pillars of innovation in the EU.

You can read the EUIPN Jubilee Report here:

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