SME FUND 2022 is now live!

Starting from January 10, 2022, the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, with the support of the SME Fund of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), provides Bulgarian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with the opportunity to apply for funding of up to 2250 € in the form of:

  • Voucher 1 (IP Pre-diagnostics or IP Scan, trademarks and designs) - up to 1500 €
  • • Voucher 2 (patents) - up to € 750
  • Voucher 1 provides a total amount of up to € 1500 per SME per calendar year, which covers the costs to be reimbursed for only one, two or a total of the three types of services:

    1. IP pre-diagnosis (IP scan) - is a study and analysis of the needs of SMEs for IP protection. The service is provided by the Patent Office and is worth € 500, of which 90% is refundable.

    2. Registration of trade mark (s) and / or industrial design (s) at national, regional or European level - 75% of the fees paid are refunded.

    3. Registration of trademark (s) and / or industrial design (s) at international level - 75% of the fees paid are refunded.

    Voucher 2 provides a total of up to € 750 per SME per calendar year, covering the costs to be reimbursed for patent registration at national level (application, search and examination, issuance and publication) - 50% of the amount reimbursed taxi.

    Each SME can apply once a year for Voucher 1 and / or Voucher 2, at any time of the year.

    The validity of the vouchers is 4 months from the date of issue, with the option to extend by another 2 months after a request from SMEs during the last month of validity of the voucher.

    The funding scheme is available at:

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