The IP Why Not Youth Campaign supports copyright

Патентно Ведомство

The Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria together with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the Strategy Agency supports the efforts of the IP: Why Do I Care? Campaign to focus on intellectual property and clarify its place and role in our life.

The campaign is aimed at young people aged 15 to 24 in four countries - Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal and Estonia.

The project includes a number of fun, creative activities aimed at promoting the meaning and benefits of copyright:

© Do you know where to look for legal online content for your favorite artists?

Every week, the "Artist in Focus" section will feature famous European, Bulgarian, Spanish, Portuguese and Estonian artists from various genres and information on where you can find their latest creative content from legitimate sources. You choose who will be the next artist - vote in the weekly polls on social networks.

© Your opinion is important - Change the result!

Is it important to protect the copyrights of artists? Should plagiarism be punished?

In the section "Change the result" you will be able to see in real time what young people think on important issues related to the right to protection of intellectual property.

Vote and see now how your vote changes the statistics!

© Artificial Intelligence helps clarify intellectual property rights - Chat bot

Imagine how you can find useful information and discuss your ideas while chatting. Sounds easy and fun, right?

Патентно Ведомство

Talk to the Art Bot Chat about art created by artificial intelligence.

The program works like a simple chat, in which everyone can ask a question and immediately get an answer or choose from pre-asked questions. Artie speaks 5 languages - Bulgarian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Estonian.

Expect soon the next interesting topic on which you will be able to talk with the chat bot - intellectual property and the environment.

© IP Word and Number of the day

"Creativity", "Author", "Patent", "Fair Use"… Learn a new word and number related to intellectual property every day.

IP word of the day:

IP number of the day:

What's next:

© The "Become a Masterpiece" Challenge - Transform

Support creativity by becoming a masterpiece!

The campaign team challenges you to reproduce a famous picture with household items and post a photo on social media by challenging your friends.

For inspiration, you can browse a digital library with links to famous museums, which provide free access to preserved works of art.

You will be able to see all the "masterpieces" in the gallery, and the most creative ones will be awarded. Will you dare? The campaign team has already done it!

Патентно Ведомство

Gustav Klimt, "Lady with Hat and Feather Boa", 1909

Патентно Ведомство

Fulvio De Marinis, Itally, 2006

Патентно Ведомство

Sally Rosenbaum, "Fall garden", USA, 2013

Патентно Ведомство

Henri Matisse, "Woman In A Purple Coat or The Purple Coat", 1937

Патентно Ведомство

Rene Magritte, "The Son of Man", 1946

Патентно Ведомство

Fayum portrait, Egypt, 1st - 2nd century AD

© "Write a card" - wish

At the beginning of each new year we promise ourselves countless things that we then completely forget about. Do you know?

Think how influential it would be if your future self read these promises.

Write your wish and the campaign team will send it back to you at the right time. Win a great prize! What would you like?

© Video

Find out what happens when you defend and when you don't defend your work.

© Info-stands of 4 youth events - in Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal and Estonia. Follow the project page for upcoming dates.

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