On 26 April we celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day

On the World IP Day we mark the achievements of creativity for the development of the economy, society and for a better world.

Innovation in our time, more than ever, is changing our lives and creating a new modern reality. As if up to now we took technology for granted and did not fully appreciate its ability to make our lives easier. These days the extraordinary situation in which the world finds itself has made us rethink how we work and live and realise that we are very much dependent on new technological inventions. We believe that, besides changing the way we live, new technologies will also contribute for an improved quality of everyday life for the working and busy person.

World Intellectual Property Day was first celebrated on 26 April 2001, to commemorate the day on which the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) was established in 1970.

For 20 years now, WIPO has been organising various events on 26 April, each time under a different motto. This year's theme looks at intellectual property as a tool and an opportunity to better empower small and medium-sized businesses, which have suffered the most from the pandemic and at the same time provide the most jobs places worldwide.

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