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Invention of the year 2015 and Innovative enterprise 2015 Award Print
The Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Union of the inventors in Bulgaria bestowed Invention of the year 2015 and Innovative enterprise 2015 Award.

The Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Union of the inventors in Bulgaria bestowed Invention of the year 2015 and Innovative enterprise 2015 Award on 12 November 2015.The ceremony took place in the Grand Concert Hall of the Central Military Club in Sofia which was built in 1895 in Neo Renaissance style.
The prize was already traditionally announced in three categories: “Electrical engineering and electronics”, “Machinery Building and Construction“   and “Chemistry and Biotechnologies”. Among the official guests of the Ceremony were Ms Meglena Kuneva, Vice Premier for Coordination of European politics and Institutional Issues and Mr Zeljko Topic, Vice President of the European Patent Office.  University rectors, Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, IP representatives, former presidents of the Patent Office and heads of patent examiners were also there.

Prof. Kamen Veselinov, President of the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria opened the celebration event saying that in Bulgaria like in many other countries in the world the inventors did not receive significant support. “They are however important unit in the innovation’s chain. This is why the Bulgarian Office supports this already traditional ceremony while hoping that the number of inventors in Bulgaria will soon raise.”

Ms. Meglena Kuneva called in her greeting speech the inventors: “enthusiasts which actually means blessed by God”. She stressed on the benefits for the society from the inventor’s hard work. She declared that Bulgaria is capable to bring to EU “beautiful minds”. For this purpose however Mrs Kuneva define two pillars to lean on – firstly, the creation of respectful soil for inventors and intellectual property protection and secondly, making the soil active with the help of EU.

Mr. Zeljko Topic said at the Ceremony’s Opening that the engines of the innovations were the people and thus their inventions were so valuable for the human’s future. He cited the President of the European Patent Office Mr Benoit Battistelli who said in June on the occasion of the European Inventor Award Ceremony in Paris that the inventions created working places, made our life better and saved human lives. Mr. Topic invited Bulgarian inventors to take part in the contest on European level. “The European Patent Office will continue to work in the direction of strengthening the national patent systems and increasing the IP awareness in the SME’s and Universities fields”, Mr Topic finalized his greeting.

Live Music Agency Quartet entertained the audience during the event playing classical music. 

In the category „Electrical engineering and electronics” Prof. Dr. Eng. Tony Dragomirov was awarded with the Statuette “Inventor” and an Honorary Diploma.  The prize was given to him by Mrs Meglena Kuneva, Vice Premier,  for his inventions POWER SWITCH FOR OLTC WITH TWO ARC ARRESTER CHAMBERS PER PHASE and PRE-SELECTOR FOR OLTC. 

In the category „Machinery Building and Construction” Prof. Dr. Kostadin Kostadinov, Prof. Dr. Penka Genova, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Kotev and Assoc. Dr. Tihomir Tyankov were awarded. 

The prize was given to them by Mr Mario Hristov, Chairman of the Union of the inventors in Bulgaria for their invention MICRO ELECTRIC-MECHANICAL DEVICE FOR MANIPULATORS. 

In the category „Chemistry and Biotechnologies”  a team of inventors was awarded -  Omar A. Al-Hartomy, Falleh Al-Solami, Ahmed D. Al-Ghamdi, Prof. Dr. Eng. Nikolay Dishovski , Dr. Eng. Petrunka Malinova and Farid El-Tantawy for the inventions:  AN ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE COMPOSITE MATERIAL and COMPOSITE FOR ABSORPTION AND SHIELDING OF ELECTROMAGNETIC EMISSIONS.
The Prize was bestowed by Mr Zeljko Topic, Vice President of EPO. the engine of the innovations are the people and thus their inventions are so valuable for the human future.

For Innovative enterprise in 2015 was announced „AMG Technology”, Botevgrad, for their inventions of technologies and constructions of silicon micro devices and connected with them new measurement and controlling methods with application in high technologies. The Statuette “Invention”  and the Honorary Diploma was given by Prof. Kamen Veselinov, President of the Bulgarian Patent Office.  

The Inventors Celebration event ended by another Ceremonial Act of entering the names of two Bulgarian scientists and inventors for lifetime achievements in the Golden Book of the Bulgarian Discoverers and Inventors. The Book was introduced in 1981 on the occasion of the celebration of the 1300 Anniversary from the foundation of Bulgaria.  

Prof. Dr. Marin Nenchev and Prof. Dr. Argir Zhivondov were awarded with the Statuettes of Ikar and Honorary Diplomas for their life achievements in favor of the development of technical sciences and innovations in Bulgaria. The Prize was bestowed by Prof. Kamen Veselinov, President of the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria.  


Category „Electrical engineering and electronics” 

The power switch is a main assembly of the OLTC and used for control of the voltage on-load of power transformers. It has one main vacuum arc arrester chamber (AAS1) and one auxiliary vacuum arc arrester chamber (AAS2). The input shaft (31) is placed on metal bottom (27) and is coupled by means of overload gear to the shaft (32) of the main switchboard system (6). This shaft (32) has at its lower end a cam (37), which by means of fork mechanism (22) switches off and on (AAS1). At its upper end, the shaft (32) is coupled through isolated support (44) to the moving contact bridge of the main switchboard (6). It consists of contact arc (5) connected to AAS1 and two sectors - short and long (7, 8), attached to the fixed contact elements (9, 10). Outside of the shaft (32) coaxially a tubular shaft (33) is placed, with cam (45) for actuation of AAS2 and it is also connected to an auxiliary switchboard (17) with design similar to that of the main switchboard (6). There is a simplified execution version, in which there is no overloading gear. The design provides switching off by AAS1 only of the operation current and switch off by AAS2 only of the circulating current. 

The pre-selector is mounted at the selector of the OLTC and provides double increase of the control range. When the pre-selector is switched, the tap transformer coil remains briefly at floating potential. Capacitive charges are induced, which are discharged before the contact between the moving and the fixed contact. In some transformers this leads to noise and contamination of the transformer oil. In this case pole resistors must be used. The purpose of the invention is to create pre-selector, with which these phenomena are avoided without pole resistors. According to the invention, an arc arrester chamber (AAC) is connected to the conductive loop of the pre-selector. It is open during the movement of the moving contact assembly and closes after the moving contact elements (12) come into contact with the fixed contact element (3) of the conventional construction. There is a mechanism that opens and closes the AAC during the switching. It consists of lever (23) with roller (24), support (21), joint (25) to the moving contact (17) of the AAC (6) and contact spring. According to the variant execution AAC is situated horizontally. 

Category „Machinery Building and Construction” 

The micro electric-mechanical device for manipulators is intended for carrying out technological micro operations in the production of microchips in the area of micro electronics. The device consists of a base (1) and two movable links (2 and 3) connected to each other by means of elastic connections (4, 5, 7). The driving mechanisms are piezoelectric ceramic elements – actuators (6 and 8). At the end of the first operation link (2), at the side of the elastic connection (4), an end piece is mounted – manipulator with bending arm (9). The device can be applied in the biology and medicine laboratories for carrying out cell manipulations. 

Category „Chemistry and Biotechnologies”

The electrically conductive composite material is sensitive to pressure and deformation. It will find application in the industry, especially in the electronics, for manufacturing sensors with wide scope of application. The electrically conductive composite material is based on an elastomer, e.g. butadiene-acryl-nitrile caoutchouk, which contains titanium dioxide as filler, in the amounts 5 to 45 mass particles towards 100 mass particles of caoutchouk. 

The composite for absorption and shielding of electromagnetic emissions contains natural or synthetic rubber and a hybrid combination of inorganic and organic, including carbon soot and nano-size nickel powder in proportion 1:1, while for 100 mass parts rubber the soot and the nickel powder are from 12,5/12,5 to 50/50 mass parts. The composite can be applied for production of materials and coatings providing low radio location profile, protection of electronic components and devices against mutual interference, as well as for protection of computer and navigation systems against electromagnetic interference within the bandwidth 1 - 12 GHz.  


Prof. Dr. Marin Nenchev
works in the laser technique and quant electronics. Owner of 37 author’s certificates and patents for inventions, part of which were applied in research apparatuses for experimental searches in leading national and foreign centers. 
Prof. Dr. Argir Zhivondov works in the field of genetics, selection and seed producing of fruit plants. Author and co-author of 21 fruit plant varieties. The first Bulgarian cherry plant varieties created by in vitro method embryo culture are among them.   

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